Themes removed, design improved, more components added, improved database.

Today I have an update to improve the overall general quality and usability of MistForums.
There isn't really any new features, this is really an improvement of the foundation and features we have already.

Theme system has been removed
Themes created tons of extra code base to maintain, and became outdated quickly with any marginal update globally to the forum software.
The components system has been expanded, to substitute some of the features we lost from removing themes.
Being completely component driven allows more room for customization and uniqueness and solves the issue with maintaining code structures.

Design improved
Some of the design has been remade and created to follow conventions better, this gives pages a better consistent flow and helps with understanding whats going on.
There is still more room to improve it, of course; the turtle wins the race.

More components added
Some features that were in themes have been compiled into components which you can decide to activate or deactivate.

Improved database
You don't really know what happened to it, but it does effect your forum.
I simplified the database to make it easier to work with, creating less bugs and easier to modify.

SSL Improved
The certificate system has been broken for a while.
It has been fixed. ( gotta test 100% )

Something is wrong with my forum:

  • Post ratings have been wiped unfortunately from improving the database structure, you will have to readd your post ratings.
  • Your design may look a bit off because of the theme system being removed, be sure to check out the component system to see if you enable some of the features you want.
  • If you added your logo, favicon or user header in the last 5 days prior to this message, you will have to reupload it again.

If its something else, please make a support ticket.
Thank you!
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When can we expect mistpay to look better in game?
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If you wish for mistpay to look better, Please make a suggestion thread, This then helps "Woadie" and tells him what people want adding.
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Well done mate! i would really love to see the Developer console, I have had an interest in CSS & HTML since i was about 6
Wow mate, good job! 
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Wow mate, good job! 

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